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Lifeboats and Davit Systems

Lifeboats and Davit Systems

Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul & Testing of Lifeboats and Davits

Destini Marine Safety Solutions is an accredited and approved, independent lifeboat and davit maintenance, repair, overhaul, testing company (MROT).

With our fully trained and certified service engineers, we have the capability to perform 6 month inspections , annual inspections, 5-yearly LSA servicing programmes, overhaul, renewal and recertification for the complete lifeboat & davit systems , as per IMO/MSC1206 Regulations:

  • Release gear system service
  • Hull preservation or refurbishment using approved fire retardant resins, paint or gel coating systems
  • Osmosis repairs of frp hulls
  • Re-hooking LLRS programs
  • Engine overhaul, servicing & testing
  • Water spray systems- overhauling & servicing
  • Compressed air systems- servicing including hydrostatic testing and refilling of air bottles
  • Sales of used & new open/totally enclosed/ free fall type lifeboats

We offer a full onshore repair and refurbishment services from our quayside located lifeboat repair facilities based within  Montrose Port , from where we have established a regional service network with the ability to service ports up and down the UK.




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